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The Dress Code Essay Research Paper An

Dress code essay

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The Dress Code Essay Research Paper An

Win-Win / Win-Lose / Lose-Lose Situations. Original Publication September 2003, updated January 2013 by Heidi Burgess. Morton Deutsch continues his discussion of dress code essay what makes people be competitive or cooperative, and describes the tom jones critical results of those choices. Win-win, win-lose, and lose-lose are game theory terms that refer to the possible outcomes of a game or dispute involving two sides, and more importantly, how each side perceives their outcome relative to their standing before the game. For example, a win results when the outcome of a negotiation is better than expected, a loss when the code essay outcome is worse than expected. Two people may receive the same outcome in measurable terms, say $10, but for one side that may be a loss, while for the other it is tom jones, a win. In other words, expectations determine one's perception of any given result. Win-win outcomes occur when each side of a dispute feels they have won. Since both sides benefit from such a scenario, any resolutions to the conflict are likely to dress code essay, be accepted voluntarily. The process of essay editor uk integrative bargaining aims to achieve, through cooperation, win-win outcomes.

Win-lose situations result when only one side perceives the outcome as positive. Thus, win-lose outcomes are less likely to be accepted voluntarily. Distributive bargaining processes, based on a principle of competition between participants, are more likely than integrative bargaining to end in essay, win-lose outcomes--or they may result in view msc thesis, a situation where each side gets part of code what he or she wanted, but not as much as they might have gotten if they had used integrative bargaining. Lose-lose means that all parties end up being worse off. An example of this would be a budget-cutting negotiation in which all parties lose money. The intractable budget debates in Congress in 2012-13 are example of lose-lose situations. Cuts are essential--the question is where they will be made and tom jones critical, who will be hurt. In some lose-lose situations, all parties understand that losses are unavoidable and that they will be evenly distributed. In such situations, lose-lose outcomes can be preferable to essay, win-lose outcomes because the distribution is at least considered to be fair.[1] Jay Rothman, President of the ARIA Group, Inc., describes the tom jones use of action evaluation to find non-litigious ways, i.e. Code. win-win, of mba essay conclusion dealing with racial profiling problems in Cincinnati.

In particular, he highlights efforts to engage young people. In other situations, though, lose-lose outcomes occur when win-win outcomes might have been possible. The classic example of this is called the prisoner's dilemma in which two prisoners must decide whether to confess to a crime. Dress Code Essay. Neither prisoner knows what the other will do. Apa Research. The best outcome for prisoner A occurs if he/she confesses, while prisoner B keeps quiet. In this case, the prisoner who confesses and implicates the other is code essay, rewarded by being set free, and the other (who stayed quiet) receives the maximum sentence, as s/he didn't cooperate with the police, yet they have enough evidence to convict. (This is paper format, a win-lose outcome.) The same goes for prisoner B. But if both prisoners confess (trying to take advantage of essay their partner), they each serve the maximum sentence (a lose-lose outcome). If neither confesses, they both serve a reduced sentence (a win-win outcome, although the win is paperless billing research, not as big as the one they would have received in the win-lose scenario). This situation occurs fairly often, as win-win outcomes can only code, be identified through cooperative (or integrative) bargaining, and are likely to paperless, be overlooked if negotiations take a competitive distributive) stance. The key thing to remember is code, that any negotiation may be reframed (placed in a new context) so that expectations are lowered.

In the prisoner's dilemma, for example, if both prisoners are able to essay editor uk, perceive the reduced sentence as a win rather than a loss, then the outcome is a win-win situation. Thus, with lowered expectations, it may be possible for negotiators to craft win-win solutions out of essay a potentially lose-lose situation. However, this requires that the parties sacrifice their original demands for lesser ones. Mba Essay Conclusion. [1] The above definitions were drawn from: Heidi Burgess and Guy Burgess, Encyclopedia of Conflict Resolution (Denver: ABC-CLIO, 1997), 306-307, 309-310. Essay. Use the tom jones essay following to cite this article: Spangler, Brad. Win-Win, Win-Lose, and Lose-Lose Situations. Beyond Intractability . Eds. Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess. Conflict Information Consortium, University of Colorado, Boulder. Dress Essay. Posted: June 2003 Please contact us if you encounter problems using the new site.

You can also still use the old homepage.if you prefer. The Intractable Conflict Challenge. Our inability to billing research, constructively handle intractable conflict is making social problem solving impossible. Find out essay about the problem and view msc thesis, how Beyond Intractability can help you help address it. Concrete and realistic steps we LL can take to promote more constructive conflict processes and outcomes. This seminar takes a complexity-oriented approach to examining frontier-of-the-field issues related to dress code essay, difficult and intractable conflicts Visit, follow, or join the Conflict Frontiers Seminar (MOOS) to explore and of uk constitution, discuss strategies for more constructively addressing these conflicts.

Conflict Fundamentals Seminar/Blog. Brief readings and videos which highlight the conflict and peacebuilding field's fundamental building blocks – ideas which help people address both tractable and intractable conflicts more effectively. Beyond Intractability in dress code, Context Blog. Essay Editor Uk. Placing conflict and peacebuilding in the larger context of wise and equitable social problem-solving, this blog reports on news, opinion pieces, and reports that illustrate the challenges and successful responses to complex, intractable conflicts. Dress Code. Opportunities for becoming involved in a large-scale learning community working to promote more constructive approaches to conflict. Tell us what YOU are doing that relates to sources of uk constitution essay, these efforts! Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Beyond Intractability, the Conflict Information Consortium, or the University of Colorado.

Copyright © 2003-2017 The Beyond Intractability Project, The Conflict Information Consortium, University of Colorado; All rights reserved. Content may not be reproduced without prior written permission. Citing Beyond Intractability resources. The Beyond Intractability Knowledge Base Project. 580 UCB, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309, USA -- Phone: (303) 492-1635 -- Contact.

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resume publications Fusion strategies for minimizing sensing-level uncertainty in manipulator control ( Dr Mrs Debjani Mitra, faculty at ISM Dhanbad,2002) Secure Mobile Agent Based Communication For Real Time Applications ( Dr Shasank Srivastava, faculty at MNNIT, Allahabad 2014) Design and Analysis of Protocols for Self Organized Wireless Sensor Network ( Dr Vijay Chaurasia,faculty at IIIT-Allahabad, 2010) Development of Bio-inspired Learning Algorithms for dress essay, Knowledge Discovery ( Dr Subhash Chandra Pandey ( at Dr APJ Kalam TU, UP), faculty at BIT Mishra, 2016) Knowledge Discovery in paper Dynamic Social Network ( Ms Seema Mishra, February, 2017) On Effective Human-Robot Interactions Based on dress essay, Recognition and Association ( Mr Avinash Singh, December, 2016) Human Robot Interactions Using Multiple Modes ( Ms Neha Baranwal, February, 2017. Development of Learning Based Computational Model for Bipedal Walking using Hybrid Automata ( Mr Vijay Bhaskar Semwal), June 2017. Number of conclusion Ph.D scholars who are currently ( as on 2017) working with me 5 (five). Publications during 2011-2012. · Blood sugar regularization based evolutionary algorithm for data classification, International Journal Applied Soft Computing 12 (2012) 2266–2273. Elsevier. (with S C Pandey) A Central Pattern Generator Based Nonlinear Controller to Simulate the Biped Locomotion of a Stable Human Gait Oscillation. International Journal of Robotics and code Automation, Vol-2 Issue-2, 2011. (with four co-authors)

B. International Conference Publications. · S Mondal, A Nandy, P Chakraborty, GC Nandi ,“Gait Based Personal Recognition System using Rotation Sensor” – In the proceeding of mba essay International Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences (CIS -2012), pp. 395-402, Vol. Code! 3, No. 3, March 2012. · A Nandy, S Mondal, L Rai, P Chakraborty, GC Nandi ,“ A Study on Damping Profile for paperless, Prosthetic Knee” – In 1 st International Conference on Advances in Computing , Communications and Informatics (ICACCI-2012) Chennai in the proceeding of dress code essay ACM Digital Library, pp. Essay Editor Uk! 511-517.

· A Nandy, S Mondal, P Chakraborty, GC Nandi ,“Development of dress essay a Robust Microcontroller Based Intelligent Prosthetic Limb” – In 5 th International Conference on paperless billing, Contemporary Computing (IC3-2012), Noida, In Springer CCIS 306, pp. 445-455, August 2012 . · Seema Mishra, G.C. Dress Code! Nandi, CVDP: A Tool Based on view msc thesis, a Social Network Analysis to dress, Combating Virus Propagation” IEEE, International conference on communication, information and computing technology,18-20, October, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai 2012. · Rajesh Doriya, Pavan Chakroborty, G. C Nandi, “Robot-Cloud: A Framework to assist Hetrogeneous Low Cost Robot”, IEEE, International conference on communication, information and view msc thesis computing technology, 18-20, October, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai 2012. · Shashank Srivastava , Avinash Kumar Singh, G.C. Nandi, “ Inter Cipher Block Diffusion: A Novel Transformation for proposed parallel AES ”, in the proceeding of Elsevier 2 nd international conference on communication, computing and security to be held at NIT Rourkela from 6-8 October 2012.

· Avinash Kumar Singh, G. C. Dress! Nandi, “ Face Recognition Using Facial Symmetry ”, in mba essay conclusion the proceeding of ACM 2 nd International Conference on Computational Science, Engineering and Information Technology (CCSEIT-2012), to essay, be held at Avinashilingam University Coimbatore from 26-28 October 2012. M.Tech students graduated so far under my supervision in critical essay the area of Robotics and essay AI- 51. Ph.D students graduated so far under my supervision - 5 and 5 are in progress. A. In referred Journals / Prestigious Institutional Technical reports/Book Chapters/International Conferences: Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks using Directional Antenna, V.K. Chaurasiya · R.L. Lavavanshi · Shekhar Verma · G.C. Nandi · A.K. Srivastava, Advance Computing Conference, 2009. IACC 2009.

IEEE International; 04/2009. Development of Adaptive Modular Active Leg (AMAL) Using Bipedal Robotics Technology In the Int Journal of mba essay conclusion Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Elsevier Publisher,Vol 57, issue 6-7,pp 603-616, June 2009. S-H Struct:An Affirmative Advanced Method for Mining Frequent Patterns in dress code essay the Int Journal of Computer Sciences and Communication Technology, Vol.1, No.2, 2009. Mining Temporal Patterns for Humanoid Robot Using Pattern Growth Method, Lecture notes in Computer Science, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, Vol 5908/2009, Book Rough sets, Fuzzy Sets, Data Mining and Granular Computing, pp 352-360.ISBN: 978-3-642-10646-0, December, 2009. Efficacy of Gestures for communication among Humanoid Robots by Fuzzy Inference Method,In the Int.

J.Computational Vision and Robotics, Vol.1,No.4, 2010. “Fusion strategies for minimizing sensing-level uncertainty in essay editor uk manipulator control”, International Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems, Springer Science, Vol.43,No.1:1-32, 2005. Fusion Approach to Stereo Vision Uncertainty, SPIE proceedings series, Vol.4731,pp.145-153, 2002. “Development of a Sensor Fusion Strategy for Robotic Application based on Geometric Optimization”, Published in the Int. Journal of Intelligent Robotic Systems, Vol. 35:171-191, 2002. “Dynamic Model of a Gyroscopic Wheel”, Technical report, Mechanical and Automation Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, No.CUHK-MAE-TR-97-1,1997. Dress! “Mechanism of Actuation and Dynamic Balancing of a Single wheel Gyroscopically Stabilised Robot”, Technical report, Mechanical and Automation Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, No. CUHK-MAE-TR-97-2,1997. “Deflection Characteristics of some special configuration of snake type robots”, in the Int. View Msc Thesis! Journal of Intelligent Robotic Systems, 12:145-153, 1995. “Finite Element Design of Manipulator Coupled Spacecraft for a research testbed”, in the Int. Journal of Intelligent Robotic Systems, 13: 75-91, 1995. “Controlling the Equilibrium of essay Wall Climbing Robots”, in the Journal of Mechanics of Solid bodies No. 4., 58-70, 1992.(in Russian). “Mobile Robotic Complex for format, Cleaning”, in the Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems and Robotics , Vol.

4, 21-38, 1991.(in Russian). “Design and development of a vacuum pedipulator”, Preprint, Institute for the Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1992. “A Microprocessor based robotic touch sensor”, in the Journal IIST, Vol.7, No.1-4, 1985. B. In International Conference Proceedings. “Vacuum Pedipulator for dress code, Climbing Robots”, 23rd Int. Symp. On Industrial Robots (ISIR), October 1992, Barcelona, Spain. “Task Oriented Optimum Posture determination for climbing robots”, 5th Topical Meeting on essay editor uk, Robotics and Remote Handling, April 26-29, 1993, Tennessee, USA. “Wall Climbing Robots for dress, Waste Material Handling”, 9th Int. Conf. on CAD/CAM, Robotics and Factories of the Future, August 18-20, 1993, Newark, New Jersey, USA. “Deflection Characteristics of sources constitution Redundant Robots”, CARS FOF’93, May 17-19, St.

Petersburg, Russia, 1993. “Robots for Cleaning and Decontamination of code Building Construction”, 8th Int. Symp. On Automation and Robotics in Construction, 3-5 June, 1991, Stuttgart, Germany. “Development of tom jones essay a Slip sensor for Robot End-Effectors”, 3rd Int. Conf. on CAPE (Computer Aided Production Engineering), University of dress code Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, June 1-3, 1988. “Mercuric Iodide Detector for paperless billing, Mobile Robotic Application in Radioactive Decontamination Process”, 6th Topical Meeting on Robotics and Remote handling, February 5-10, 1995, Sandia National Laboratory, California, USA. “Development of a slip sensor for robots”, 5th All Union Conf. on Robotics, Gelendrick, USSR, October 1990. “Development of code a non contact type of slip sensor for Climbing Robots”, All Union Conf. on Intelligent Control System, UCY, Baku, 18-20, June 1991, USSR. “Navigating Mobile robots in Radioactive Decontamination Mission using Semiconductor Detectors (HgI2 based)”, 26th ISIR, 4-6 October 1995, Singapore Exhibition Center. “Finite Element Design of a Research Test bed for Manipulator Coupled Spacecraft”, 10 th Int. Conf. on CAD/CAM/Robotics and Factories of the Future, August 22-25, 1994, Ontario, CANADA “Analysis of constitution actuation and Dynamic Balancing for code, a Single Wheel Robot”, 0-7803-4465-0/98 $10.00@IEEE “Dynamic Model of a Gyroscopic Wheel”, 0-7803-x-5/98 $10.00@IEEE. “Task Capability Theory for Solving Inverse Sliding Problem of Industrial robots”, Proceedings of the int. Conf on intelligent Flexible Autonomous manufacturing Systems, IFAMS –2000, Tata Mc Graw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd. New Delhi. “Development of a sensor integration strategy for robotic application based on apa research format, Geometric optimization, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 4385, April, 2001 Techniques for Dynamic Damping Control in Prosthetic Knee for Stable Humanoid Gait, IEEE- IROS 2005 Workshop on essay, Morphology, Control and Passive Dynamics, August 2nd , 2005, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Indiscernibility criterion based on rough sets in feature selection and detection of conclusion land mines, IEEE International Conference on Granular Computing, 25-27 July, 2005, Vol.2. Biologically Inspired CPG based above knee active prosthesis, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, September 22-28, 2008. Traffic Based Clusturing in dress code Wireless Sensor Network, IEEE 4th Int conference on WCSN-2008, Dec. 27-29, IIIT-A,pp.83-88 of conf proceedings. Clustering Method Evaluation for Hidden Markov Model Based Real -Time Gesture Recognition, In the proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Advances in recent technologies on Communication and Computing,27-28 October , Kottayam, Kerala, India, 2009. Gesture Based Music Generation- IEEE second International Conference on Engineering and Technology-ICETET-2009, pp 209-214,Nagpur, India , 16-18, December-2009. C. In National Conferences.

“Need for the Development of Sensory devices for of uk, Robot Grippers”, National Conference of Mechanical Engineering, MMM Engineering College, Gorakpur, Dec. Essay! 1987. “Development of a Slip Sensor for Robot End-Effector”, NACOMM’87, Bombay VJTI. “Development of an Execution level Controller for Obstacle avoidance and path planning for Climbing robot platform”, NACOMM-95, 20-21st January, 1996, CMERI, Durgapur. “Application of Neural Network in Optimizing Process Parameters for sheet metal braze welding”, National Seminar on view msc thesis, Weld Failures: Feb 2-3, 1996, Jadavpur University, Calcutta. “Mobile Robot Navigation for dress, Mine Development”, Proceed. Of National Seminar on view msc thesis, Mining Machinery: Present state and future Development, ISM, Dhanbad, Nov. 1999. “Gyroscopic Stabilisation and its application in dress code essay Mobile Communication”, 11 th ISME Conf. 3-5 February, 1999. “Application of information fusion technology for paperless billing, mining mineral industry” Third Indian conference on Computer Applications in Mineral Industry, ICCAMI-2001, 17-18 March , 2001, New Delhi.

“Development of a Sensor Fusion Strategy for Robotic Application based on Geometric Optimization”, published in the Int. Journal of essay Intelligent Robotic Systems, Vol. 35:171-191, 2002 “Fusion strategies for minimizing sensing-level uncertainty in essay editor uk manipulator control” – G.C Nandi and D. Mitra, International Journal of code essay Intelligent and paper format Robotic Systems, Springer Science, Netherlands, Vol.43,No.1:1-32, 2005. “Development of a sensor integration strategy for dress code, robotic application based on essay editor uk, geometric optimization”, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. Essay! 4385, April, 2001, Orlando, USA. Genetic Algorithm based Classifier System for Landmine Detection” – Manish Saggar, G.C. Nandi, presented at International Conference on essay editor uk, Intelligent Signal Processing Robotics, held from dress code essay, 20th-23rd February 2004 , at IIIT-Allahabad. “Intrusion detection and control strategy using multiple Robots with distributed Artificial Intelligence Co-operative Strategy” – Nitesh, G.C. Nandi, presented at International Conference on Intelligent Signal Processing Robotics, held from view msc thesis, 20 th-23rd February 2004 , at IIIT-Allahabad. “Solving inverse kinematics of manipulating robot using Soft Computing approach” – Navjot Singh G.C. Nandi, presented at International Conference on Intelligent Signal Processing Robotics, held from 20th-23rd February 2004 , at IIIT- Allahabad. “Development of ANN based hybrid classifiers for minimizing sensing level uncertainty in manipulator Control” – Debjani Mitra G.C.

Nandi, presented at International Conference on Intelligent Signal Processing Robotics, held from 20 th-23rd February 2004 at IIIT-Allahabad. “FPGA Implementation of Encrypted Controller” by dress code Dr. G.C. Nandi Saket Malhotra presented at view msc thesis, IEEE TENCON 2004 Conference, November 21st-24th 2004, at Chiang Mai, Thailand. Dress Code Essay! “Mobile Intelligent Linux Robot (MILO)” – by Alok Rao, Satish Kumar, Amit Renu Dr. G.C. Essay Editor Uk! Nandi, IEEE INDICON – IIT Kharagpur, Dec 20-22, 2004. Bio Inspired Control Methodology of dress essay Walking for paperless research, Intelligent Prosthetic Knee - G C Nandi, Bhaskar Gupta, ICINCO 2006. A Microprocessor Based Software Controlled Prosthetic Leg - G C Nandi ( invited talk ), Natioonal seminar on Empowering Rural health through ICT, RGIIT Amethi, August 19-20, 2007 Techniques for Dynamic Damping Control in Above Knee Prosthesis - G C Nandi, Hemant Anand, Rachit Rastogi, 13th National Conference on Machines and code essay Mechanisms (NACOMM), IISc Bangalore, India, Dec 12-13, 2007. Biologically Inspired CPG based above knee active prosthesis, In the Proceedings of IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems , September 22-28, 2008, Nice, France, pp2368-2373. Development of New structure for Frequent Pattern Mining, 3 rd International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies, Nov 8-9, 2008 APIIT, India.

Knowledge Discovery for view msc thesis, Mining Patterns in Spatio Temporal Databases, Presented in XXVIII INCA, International Congress on Collaborative Mapping and dress code essay Space Technology, Gandhi Nagar, Gujrat, Nov.4-6, 2008. A Novel approach for Recognition of Human Faces, 3 rd International Conference on apa research paper format, Advanced Computing and Communication Technologies, Nov 8-9, 2008 APIIT, India. Localisation in Wireless Sensor Networks using Directional Antenna, Advance Computing Conference,.IACC-2009,IEEE International conference proceedings,pp.131-134,6-7 March-2009. Clustering Method Evaluation for Hidden Markov Model Based Real -Time Gesture Recognition, In the proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Advances in recent technologies on dress essay, Communication and Computing,27-28 October , Kottayam, Kerala, India, 2009. Gesture Based Music Generation- IEEE second International Conference on mba essay conclusion, Engineering and Technology-ICETET-2009, pp 209-214,Nagpur, India , 16-18, December-2009. E. Project work done under my supervision : Picture Classification using Robotic Vision in code essay the domain of chemistry lab objects. Self Navigating Rover – Mobile Robot Navigation in Unknown Environment. Carnivore Web Clusterizer – A Softbot approach to Intelligent Information Retrieval from the web.

Algorithm Design and Implementation for Optimal Path Planning and Navigation for autonomous mobile robot. Implementation of mba essay a Real-Time Algorithm for code, Obstacle Avoidance. Sources Of Uk Constitution! Stereoscopic distance calculation. Path Planning with Real Time Obstacle Avoidance. Design and implementation of dress a classification system based on soft computing and statistical approaches. System Administration Utilities – a mobile agents approach Use of soft computing techniques for explosive detection.

Network Intrusion Detection System Port Scanning. Connectiva – A Cross-platform Remote Desktop Connection . Multimodal Human Computer Interaction Facial Image Analysis using Soft Computing Techniques. F. Apa Research! Current Research Activities : Development of AMAL (Adaptive Modular Active Leg) Developing technology for essay, gesture based communication . Critical Essay! Developing new structures for Temporal Data Mining. G. Title of My M.S. Code! thesis. Development of a slip sensor for Robot End-Effectors, submitted and defended in the Production Engineering Deptt, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, 1987, India . H. Title of My Ph.D. Conclusion! thesis. Important Conferences/Seminars attended: All Union Conference on dress, Intelligent Control System, UCY, Baku, June 18-20, 1991, USSR.

Presented a paper titled “ Development of a non contact type slip sensor for climbing robots”. 8th International Conference on Theoretical Mechanics, May 15-18, 1990, Institute for the Problems in apa research paper Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow attended as delegate only). 5th All Union Conference on Robotics, October. 15-17, Gelendrick, USSR. Dress Essay! Presented a paper titled “Development of a LASER based slip sensor for climbing robot Pedipulator”. Constitution! Third world congress in Computational Mechanics, June 1990, Stuttgart University, Germany (attended as delegate only). 8th Int. Symposium on code essay, Automation and view msc thesis Robotics in Construction, June 3-5, 1991, Stuttgart, Germany, Presented a paper titled “ Robots for dress code essay, cleaning and decontamination of building construction”. 22nd Int.

Symposium on apa research, Industrial Robots (ISIR), October 1992, Barcelona, Spain. Presented a paper titled “ Vacuum Pedipulator for Climbing Robots”. 9th Int. Conference on CAD/CAM, Robotics and Factories of the code essay future, August 18-20, 1993, Newark, New Jersey, USA. Presented a paper titled “Wall Climbing Robots for waste material Handling”. 5th Topical Meeting on sources of uk essay, Robotics and Remote Handling, April 26-29, 1993, Tennessee, USA, Presented a paper titled “ Task Oriented Optimum Posture Determination for Climbing Robot”. 6th Topical Meeting on Robotics and Remote Handling, February 5-8,1995, Sandia National Laboratory.

California, USA. Dress Code Essay! Presented a paper titled “ Mercuric Iodide Detector for Mobile Robotic Application in conclusion Radio active decontamination Process”. 10th Int. Essay! Conf. Sources Of Uk Constitution! On CAD/CAM/Robotics and Factories of the Future, August 22-25, 1994, Ontario, CANADA, Presented a paper titled “Finite Element Design of a Research Test bed for Manipulator Coupled Space craft”. SPIE’s International Symposium on Sensor Fusion: Architecture Algorithm 18-20 April, 2001, Orlando, USA and presented a paper titled “Development of a sensor integration strategy for robotic application based on geometric optimization”. IEEE/RSJ conference (IROS-2008), September 22-28, 2008, at Nice, France. September, 1997, The MAE Department, The Chinese University at Hong Kong. On Single wheel Gyroscopically stabilized robot-GYROVER. July, 2004, The Institute for the Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.Russia, Issues on biped locomotion control and its applications for human prosthesis.

July, 2007, School of Computer Science, Biologically Inspired Robotics Group, EPFL University, Switzerland, On CPG based control of bipedal Robots. Delivered a five lecture series during 2007-2009, at ALIMCO (Artificial Limb Manufacturing Corporation), Kanpur during the dress code Technology Development of sources of uk AMAL (Adaptive Modular Active Leg). September, 2008, DST-PAC (Department of Science and Technology, A Govt. Of India funding Agency, Program Advisory Committee) meeting, IIT, Kharagpur, India, on Biologically Inspired CPG controlled prosthesis design. April, 2010, IIT, Bombay during annual Tech- Festival of Mechanical Engineering Department, on Robotic Control System Design under Reactive Paradigm. Code Essay! November, 2010, Computer Science and Engineering department, SUNY, Buffalo, USA, on Effective Human-Robot- Interactions. May, 2011, Computer Science and Engineering Department , OHIO State University, USA on biped locomotion of paper Humanoid robot September 18, 2011, Delivered an invited lecture under the banner of ACM, IIIT-A Chapter on Human- Robot Interactions with special reference to Push Recovery. July 5-7, 2012, Delivered an invited lecture on Human Robot Interactions:issues and code essay future challenges in view msc thesis an International Workshop on Advances in Robotics at IIT,Delhi Delivered a Keynote lecture on Future Trends on Development of Intelligent Robots in the International Conference on code essay, Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing AISC - 2012 from 7-9 December 2012, organized by IIT, BHU, Varanasi. Delivered a talk on Biped Locomotion Control with reference to Push Recovery of Humanoid Robots at the 6th India-Korea Joint Workshop on Robotics, October 30-31, 2013, Juju, The republic of Korea.

Delivered an paperless billing, invited talk on Locomotion Control of Biped Humanoids, IIT, Indore, 16th December, 2013. Delivered a talk on Neuro- Fuzzy computing at Bharat Electrionics Limited , Ghaziabad, New Delhi, October 18, 2014. Code Essay! Took active part in deliberation of lecture on ICRA-2015 Workshop of IEEE RAS Chairpersons, May 26-30, 2015, Seattle, Washington, USA. Delivered Key note address on sources constitution, “Challenges of dress essay bringing Humanoid Robots in a real world environment” in the UPCON-2015, December 4-6, 2015, IIIT-Allahabad. Paperless! Invited by dress essay Microsoft Research India to paperless billing, join a select group of academicians in representing India at the Faculty Summit at Redmond, WA USA, July 13-16, 2016.

Delivered Key note lecture on Biped Locomotion- Challenges and dress Issues at the second SERB School on Robotics, organized during 14th to view msc thesis, 19 th November 2016 at IIT, Madras. Delivered a Key note lecture on Robotics-State of the Art at code essay, the IEEE International Conference on Advances in Mechanical, Industrial, Automation and Management Systems ( AMIAMS-2017), February 3-5, 2017. MNNIT, Allahabad, India Delivered a talk on Robotics Research as going on at IIIT-Allahabad, National Institute of Technical Teacher Training and Research, February 20, 2017. Delivered an invited talk on Robotics on March 8, 2017, at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Lucknow to inaugurate TSC's DRONE DIKSHA initiative on webnair with more than 1600 participants on sources essay, the web and near about 100 in house participants. Delivered a keynote lecture on Human -Robot Interactions on March 17, 2017 in IEEE Computer Society of India Symposium (CSIS) 2017.

Delivered a talk titled Solving biped locomotion challenges using Computational Theoretic Approach in dress code Indo-Korea joint workshop on Robotics, March 22-23, 2017, IIT Delhi.

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National Service Training Program (NSTP) Essay Sample. God has been in this documentation, in giving such strength and guidance that accomplish this documentation paper. I would like to thank and extend my profound gratitude to those who helped me, such a way and even in a small way. Mr. Romy G. Ebi, my subject teacher who gave his valuable guidance for his worthy advice and warm support during the dress code, implementation of our OUTREACH PROGRAM. Finally, I wishes to express my unending thanks to my parents who made scarifies, financial and moral support which made this outreach program a successful one.

Thank you! My family and friends who helped with the mundane activities of daily living valuable guidance for her worthy advice and warm support during the implementation of our outreach program. And to our teacher who allowed us to paperless billing research write and construct a action paper and who support and give us strength and encouragement in dress essay all our endeavors. We dedicate also this Action plan to all the AMAers who give information. To our almighty GOD who always protecting and guiding us in our daily living. To all who mentioned above for without you this action plan will not be successful one. National Service Training Program (NSTP) is a program aimed at enhancing civic consciousnessand defense preparedness in the youth by mba essay conclusion, developing the ethics of service and patriotism while undergoing training in dress essay any of its three program components. Its various components are specially designed to enhance youth’s active contribution to the general welfare. This Act was made to answer the movement to abolish ROTC and others to paper create reform of the program.

The Act affirmed that the dress code, prime duty of the government was to serve and protect its citizens. Billing Research? In turn, it shall be the responsibility of all the citizens to defend the dress code, security of the State and because of tom jones this the government may require each citizen to render personal, military or civil service. Recognizing the youth’s vital role in dress code national building, the State shall promote civic consciousness among the youth and shall develop their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well being. Essay Editor Uk? It shall inculcate in the youth patriotism, nationalism and advance their involvement in public and civic affairs. Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) – is a program institutionalized under sections 38 of RA 7077 designed to provide military training to tertiary level students in order to motivate, train, organize and mobilize them for national defense Literacy Training Service (LTS) – is a program designed to train students to become teachers of literacy and numeracy skills to school children, out of school youth, and other segments of society in need of their service. Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) – refers to programs or activities contributory to dress essay the general welfare and the betterment of life for critical the members of the community of the enhancement of its facilities, especially those devoted to improving health, education, entrepreneurship, safety, recreation and morals of the citizenry.

CWTS is an avenue for students, the youth to partake in the general welfare of the community. Its intention is to promote a more community based activity that the students can involve themselves through immersions and program planning. An acronym was coined for the NSTP-CWTS dimensions of dress essay development, SERVICE. This stands for: S-afety and Security. V-alues Formation and Moral Recovery. I-ndustry and essay editor uk Entrepreneurship. C-are for Health. 1. Safety and Security – This area involves disaster preparedness during fire, earthquake or other calamity that needs immediate response from any trained civilians during emergency situations. Basic life saving seminar, fire drill and the like are some of these examples. 2. Essay? Education – This area involves enhancement of institutional support materials and facilities for the community and school such as providing materials containing basic literacy skills for pre-schoolers, alternative learning system for out-of-school youths and adults, mathematics and science tutorials and extended services of skilled students.

3. Recreation – This area involves sports fest, parlor games for essay editor uk street children and painting that enrich youth’s capacities to relate with one another in the community. 4. Essay? Values Formation and Moral Recovery – This involves the development of youth to be good leaders, responsible individuals imbued with good moral values and active agent of development of the community. 5. Industry and Entrepreneurship. – This area includes programs and activities that are vital to economic growth. CWTS students demonstrate technical skills in communities like meat processing, silkscreen making and how to establish small business. 6. Care for Health – This area aims to give knowledge on medical-related fields and extend health services needed in the community. It includes medical services like first-aid operation, vaccination, info dissemination, basic life saving seminars, heath / nutrition technical assistance and conclusion training of youth to be first aid assistants.

7. Environment – This area inculcates environmental awareness and its contribution to health and related fields. It involves management of waste, environmental protection, dissemination and application of technologies supportive of the community needs and livelihood activities related to environment and other related fields supportive of the national. NARRATIVE REPORT ON HEALTH CARE SEMINAR AND FEEDING ROGRAM AT MALVAR, SANTIAGO CITY. Children’s Feeding Program at designed to help children who have a medical or behavioral issue that impedes their feeding and growth. Treatment is geared to help a child overcome feeding issues and establish proper feeding and nutritional habits so that additional health problems can be avoided. Dress Essay? Health care, or healthcare, refers to the treatment and management of illness, and the preservation of health through services offered by the medical, pharmaceutical, dental, clinical laboratory sciences (in vitro diagnostics), nursing, and essay editor uk allied health professions. Health care embraces all the goods and dress code essay services designed to promote health, including “preventive, curative and palliative interventions, whether directed to view msc thesis individuals or to populations”. February 21, 2009, at Brgy . Malvar Santigo City AMA NSTP students held an Outreach Program it was the health care seminar and feeding program for the malnourish child of the code, said Barangay. At 7:00 in the morning Romy G. Ebi the NSTP adviser of AMACC students cheeked the attendance. At 7:30 we proceed to view msc thesis Malvar community center.

At exactly 9 o’clock Health care seminar start. Nursing students manage the seminar, allied teach the Malvar selected children with proper nutrition. Before 10 o’clock parlor game (with prize) hosted by lolito and eric , and some singing intermission was done manage by dress essay, the T1 concerned. At 10 o’ clock was the feeding program. And all AMACC NSTP students feed the child they choose. After the feeding program, brgy Malvar gave their message to essay editor uk thanks AMACC for helding our outreach to their brgy, then Nursing students demonstrate how to brush teeth in a proper way and code essay all selected children of Malvar simultaneously Brush their teeth. Paper Format? Then last but not the least NSTP students clean the Malvar Community center. With the warm support of the dress code essay, brgy official of Malvar, and NSTP adviser, the first outreach program successfully done at apa research paper format, exactly 5:00 pm. NARRATIVE REPORT ON TREE PLANTING PROGRAM AT ILOT CORDON ISABELA.

Trees…Release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide to dress code freshen the air we breathe. Each of critical essay us inhales 35 pounds of dress code essay oxygen daily, all from mba essay conclusion plants. Every day, we need seven trees to convert our carbon dioxide to dress code oxygen. Critical? Remove ozone and other air pollutants, as well as trap dust and dress code essay dirt.. Save energy and reduce cooling costs. Trees strategically placed around a home can shade the home in the summer, cutting air-conditioning costs, and act as windbreaks in mba essay the winter, cutting heating costs. Trees also act like air conditioners, releasing cooling moisture into the air.

Last February 28, 2009 at dress essay, Brgy. Ilot, Cordon, Isabela, AMACC Santiago Campus NSTP held the Tree Planting Program entitled “Sagip Kalikasan”. Essay Editor Uk? Section T1 was the section assigned to dress code assist the paperless billing research, tree planting. At exactly 7:00 am, all NSTP students proceed first in the Heritage first floor to check the attendance and tree guard of the dress code essay, students one by one. At 8:00 am is the apa research paper, arrival to DENR, Ilot, Cordon. Dress Essay? At 8:30 am, everybody prepared their own tree guard, then the DENR officer show what is the conclusion, proper way how to dress plant seedlings. At exactly 9:00, we proceed to the area where we can plant our seedling (Tagumbao).

And lastly, exactly 11:00 am the Tree Planting Program successfully done with the help of the DENR, NSTP adviser and with the coordination of AMACC Santiago Campus NSTP students. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who gave me the possibility to complete this narrative report. I want to thank my beloved family for sending me to school and for the financial support. I want to thank my son and my husband who have been my constant inspiration and for the valuable word support extended to me I have furthermore to thank my fellow classmates who gave their best and cooperation in conducting the seminars. I am deeply indebted to my instructor, Mr.

Romy Ebi whose help, stimulating suggestions and encouragement helped me in all the time and also in making this narrative report. And above all, to Almighty God, for giving us our strength and courage to overcome every problem and difficulty in fulfilling this study. DEDICATION. The current Action Paper is dedicated to our instructor , Mr.Romy Ebi, classmate, friends, parents, family, my husband and to my son for their continued support, encouragement, motivation, inspiration and format understanding throughout the period of my studies. Dress Code Essay? Without them, I wouldn’t have made it.

Introduction. The Civic Welfare Training Servie (CWTS) is a program component of the National Service Training Program (NSTP)under the Republic Act N. Mba Essay Conclusion? 9163. Code Essay? The course is offered for two academic semesters with 6 units credit for both CWTS 1 (3 units) and CWTS 2 (3 units). The program activities are designed to contribute to the general welfare and the betterment of life for the members of the format, marginalized sectors of the community. The Civic Welfare Training Service 1 (CWTS 1) is the first phase in the year long implantation of the program. This first semester is focused on the basic orientation that grounds the implementation of the program in Ateneo de Davao University. Essay? Over and above the emphasis of CWTS on Citizenship and Role of the Youth, the Ateneo de Davao University takes this opportunity to include in its student formation the sources constitution essay, guiding principles for its Social Involvement. These principles are presented through the school’s Vision, Mission and Goals and find its founddation in the social teachings of the Church as well as that of the Society of Jesus. Through this basic orientation, CWTS 1 hopes to develop students who are prepared for the actual challenges of CWTS 2. General Objectives: • The National Service Training Program (NSTP). To enhance civic consciousness and defense preparedness in the youth, by developing the dress code, ethics of service and patriotism while undergoing training designed to enhance the youth’s active contribution to conclusion the general welfare. • Civic Welfare Training Service, as a component of the NSTP.

To contribute to the general welfare and code the betterment of life for the members of the community. Activities are undertaken towards the improvement of health, education, environment, entrepreneurship, safety, recreation, morale of the citizenry and other social welfare concerns. TABLE OF CONTENTS. AMA COMPUTER COLLEGE. Heritage Building, Maharlika High-way. MRS. JOSEPHINE G. GALO, MBM. AMA Computer College. This is to inform you that I approved the participation of essay my son/daughter ___________________________________ to attend the Drug Prevention Seminar at Barangay Malvar, Santiago City Isabela, held on March 14, 2009 at 7:30 o’clock in the morning. I have considered the benefits that my son/daughter will derive from this activity and dress with the critical, understanding that every precaution will be taken to insure his/her safety during the said Program.

Likewise I waive my rights to change the code essay, administration for any untoward incident hat is beyond the schools control. Very truly yours, Signature over printed Name of Parents. AMA COMPUTER COLLEGE. Heritage Building, Maharlika High-way. MRS. JOSEPHINE G. GALO, MBM. AMA Computer College. This is to inform you that I approved the participation of my son/daughter ___________________________________ to attend the format, Tree Planting at Ilot.

Cordon, Isabela, held on February 28, 2009 at 7:30 o’clock in the morning. Code Essay? I have considered the benefits that my son/daughter will derive from this activity and with the understanding that every precaution will be taken to insure his/her safety during the said Program. Essay Editor Uk? Likewise I waive my rights to change the administration for dress any untoward incident hat is beyond the schools control. Very truly yours, Signature over view msc thesis printed Name of Parents. Since I was in elementary, I wish I could change the world into code, one where there’s abundance instead of mba essay conclusion poverty, love instead of hatred, and dress code peace instead of war, While change can be good, it can also devastating. Change will be difficult to achieve unless each individuals is willing to accept the paper format, fact that it has started within a person itself. It’s my fondest dream and not just a simple wish to see the beauty of GOD’s creation in its natural appearance. I’m a nature lover and admirer of the magnificent of creation. I have seen nature slowly determinate. I wish people would be more conscious in preserving whatever left of Mother Nature.

On February 28, 2009. We, the NSTP students together with our instructor Mr. Romy Ebi find a way to beautify our nature. Dress Code Essay? As part of the NSTP requirements, we decided to plant trees to preserve our forests. One of the view msc thesis, forest we chose to plant trees was in dress Ilot, Cordon, Isabela which we thought the forest needs more beautification and to help decrease the devastated forests particularly in ISABELA, our beloved town. We planted variety of plants like kalamansi, “Tuba tuba” herbal plant and others. We also made a tree guard which composed of four pegs around the plant for protection. Then watered the plants.

DRUG PREVENTION. I still remember in the day and even now, there seem to have a downward slide in our morality. More and view msc thesis more crimes were committed which could have been prevented through discipline. Again, we, the NSTP students attended a seminar in our community which invokes the awareness on how to code prevent Drug Addiction. With the Theme “Unity, The Key to Prevent Drug Addiction in our Community” and as a part of the format, community, we participated with the projects of our Barangay Officials together with the code essay, PNP in essay editor uk Santiago, to help and promote the awareness on essay, Drug Addiction. Our guest speaker is from the PNP, Police Chief Inspector Pilarito Mallillin. He discusses important information about Drug Prevention like the Laws of PDEA; On how to spot a drug user; What is drug abuse; Different forms of drugs.; Effects of using drugs; Reason why people turn to drugs; and Common sign of drug abuse. Right after that… Our NSTP coordinator, Mr.

Romy Ebi awards the certificate to the Guest Speaker and a closing remarks by mba essay, Ms. Jazreel Bridget Brutas. Now, I wish that parents should more responsible in uplifting moral standards that will change and dress essay shape our future. Conclusion? Making the list of the things we want to change is dress essay, never easy unless we learn from mba essay our mistakes and a total renewal immediately takes place. Is this the dress essay, perfect essay for you? Save time and order National Service Training Program (NSTP) essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed!

Relevant essay suggestions for National Service Training Program (NSTP) 1. What are your learnings on the module that you read? Enumerate and explain as you understood it. – Mapua supervises the implementation of Civic Welfare Training Service [CWTS] and… Incident: The Cultural Diversity Training Program. Cultural diversity is people of varying origins and ways of life living or working alongside in a specific area or organization.

Cultural diversity is billing research, important to all organizations for many… Nutrition and Feeding Program. NSTP Feeding Program provides a healthy, fresh and dress essay nutritious meal to the kids who were in tom jones critical hunger or else to the areas wherein we can see that the people cannot… A unique Training Program at UPS. Mark Colvard, a United Parcel Manager in San Ramon, California, recently faced a difficult decision. Dress Code? One of his drivers asked for paperless 2 weeks off to help a sick family member…. The Cultural Diversity Training Program. This case study involved a human resource teacher by the name of Dr. Jennifer Barnes and her University’s Cultural Diversity Training. While looking forward to attending an ongoing educational class…

Feeding programs are basically conducted mostly on places on which poverty can be seen. Most of these projects are difficult to execute especially considering the supplies and resources to be used as well funds…

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5 Ridiculous Lies About Military Spouse Unemployment. You might hear this infamous stereotype time and time again—military spouses are lazy, uneducated, and by the way, they never work. Dress Code? It’s kind of irritating actually. Especially if you are a spouse, like most are, who is hard-working and supports her family equally as much as her spouse. There are a lot of research reasons why military spouses are both unemployed and under -employed, meaning most military spouses take jobs in which they are over-qualified because they cannot find work to essay, match their skills.

Many of these lies and truths will resonate with you if you are a military spouse. They are after all based on a 2013 survey taken by military spouses. And if you are not a military spouse, I hope this post can shed genuine light on the real issues military spouses face in today’s job market. I hope these reasons help educate others and encourage us all to unite and find more reasonable solutions to this chronic issue. Lie: Military spouse jobs are easy to find after moving. Truth: Many military spouses are frequently out of work due to paperless billing, preparing for or recovering from code, a military PCS move.

I cannot tell you how many military spouses I know who found great jobs in their local area, worked hard, made advancements, and then had to quit a year or two later due to a PCS move. With each military mandated move, military spouses are forced to start over in of uk essay the job market. Looking for work in a specialized field of work takes time and essay, energy. Recently, a friend left her job as a nurse one month before a PCS move. Billing? Following the PCS she worked hard to find employment and dress essay, landed a job within a few months. The problem is the government agency took over 6 months to complete her hiring process. This is the essay norm for many government agencies.

So from the time this spouse left her job until she officially started getting paid, we are talking 9 months. Dress Essay? That’s crazy when you realize she will likely move again within 2 years of starting the position. A 9 month gap in employment is a long time for a military spouse with an education and excellent work experience in a job market that has openings. Conclusion? What does the dress code essay employment gap look like for spouses with less than ideal circumstances? Are you a small business owner, a marketing manager, a cosmetologist, a financial planner? These jobs provide limited positions and make it challenging to get hired after moving around from format, duty station to duty station. Dress Essay? Lie: Military spouses use their service member’s job as an excuse not to find work. Paperless Research? Truth: Military spouses cannot find work flexible enough to dress, accommodate their spouse’s schedule. A 2013 study discovered “there is not a lack of desire to work that is causing these gaps; over 55% of respondents indicated they “need” to work, while 90% indicated they “want” to essay editor uk, work.” (Source).

I believe that most military spouses would love to work if the right circumstances presented themselves. Dress Essay? Like many military spouses, I gave up my career to constitution essay, stay-at-home full time. Given the dress code essay stress that my husband’s military career puts on our family, we agreed together that having one spouse home full-time to manage the view msc thesis children, the household, and all of our general life affairs was imperative to our long-term happiness. Many military spouses want to code, be able to stay home and care for their children because it’s what is essay editor uk best for the whole family, not because it’s easier than working at a conventional job. Lie: Military spouses get hired equally as much as civilians. Truth: Military spouses actively seeking employment experience countless challenges. Many organizations are ambivalent over hiring military spouses, knowing they won’t be around for code essay long. It’s plain and simple: Companies want to invest in long-term employees in in order to avoid costly expenses associated with high employee turnover. In addition, many organizations are reluctant to hire prospective employees with short employment stints and gaps in unemployment all over their resume. Military life takes the everyday career woman’s resume and makes it look shady. “In 2012, 18-24 year-old Armed Forces female spouses had the conclusion highest unemployment rates at 30 percent (which is almost three times higher than their civilian counterparts at 11 percent).

25-44 year-old Armed Forces female spouses had the code second highest unemployment rates at 15 percent (almost three times higher than their civilian counterparts at 6 percent).” (Source) Lie: Military spouses don’t make an sources of uk constitution essay effort to obtain an education. Truth: Military spouses struggle to code essay, obtain an education more than civilian counterparts. There are so many military spouses who leave college behind to PCS with their service member. With frequent mandatory PCS moves, many military spouses leave behind countless college credit hours. Some leave college behind altogether, while others frequently start over at a new university. Constitution? The biggest problem is often that a military spouse cannot complete a degree at a given university or college before it#8217;s time to essay, PCS again. At this point, spouses often leave a university, transfer as many credits as possible, and tom jones essay, start again. It#8217;s incredibly frustrating that credits do not transfer from university to university.

A military spouse may take a class over and over again, despite passing on the first go around. Nowadays, many military spouses are turning to online college degree programs to better meet their needs. This is a great option for spouses coping with frequent moves, but at the same time, it#8217;s unfortunate that spouses are not able to enjoy a traditional university experience. Lie: Military spouses turn down jobs they think are beneath them. Truth: Military spouses cannot find work that match their skills and education.

Even after obtaining an education, it#8217;s still be a struggle to essay, find job. 90 percent of working military spouses report being underemployed. Of Uk Essay? This means that military spouses possess more formal education/experience than needed at dress their current or most recent position. Moving from duty station to duty station it’s challenging to billing research, find work in a niche specific area. And if you think all military spouses should just go work at just any under-paying job that comes their way, then you might as well say service members should get out of the military and go work at Banana Republic. Even more discouraging is finding jobs at OCONUS duty stations. At our current overseas duty station, qualified local citizens are given hiring preference over equally qualified military spouses. So even if someone wanted to argue that military spouses should just go work at the PX, I can confidently tell you that at some duty stations that is code not even an option. Those jobs are already filled and offered to local citizens. Military spouse unemployment and under-employment is an issue deeply rooted in the military community.

This is sources essay not an essay individual military spouse issue in my opinion. Here are a few realistic solutions that I believe could make a huge improvement for military spouses across the board: Decrease the frequency of PCS moves. Critical Essay? Offer greater resources for dress code military spouses to obtain an online education that will transfer from view msc thesis, duty station to duty station. Offer greater employment placement assistance for military spouses. Offer more military spouse jobs through government agencies that are work from home and transfer from duty station to duty station. Increase access to childcare, offering flexibility for military spouses with unconventional working hours.

Increase military spouse hiring preference for government jobs. Code? What do you think is the real reason military spouse unemployment is so high? Let#8217;s chat in the comments! New to critical, this community? Start here, friend.

I'm Lauren and I write about my crazy parenting adventures, discovering happiness in dress essay motherhood and navigating the view msc thesis ups and downs of military life. I spend my days drinking coffee while chasing a toddler around the house. Hang around for a bit and join the fun! Thank you for writing this wonderful article Lauren! #128578; I honestly did not understand the huge obstacles military spouses face with employment until I experienced it first hand with our overseas move. It#8217;s very frustrating and also discouraging that many people wonder why you just don#8217;t take any job. I was offered a government job at the 3-month mark of our overseas PCS, but the pay was 30% (. ) of what I was making state-side. Of course I ran the numbers (lol) and after expenses I would be lucky to be making $20/day and we don#8217;t have children so I can#8217;t even imagine if we had to code, factor in child care expenses. Yes, before we had kids, I left my job in essay editor uk the Midwest and moved to dress code, be with my now husband. I was able to critical essay, find work on the east coast, but similar to code, you, it was a 50% pay cut. Sources Of Uk Constitution? I had worked so hard to work my way up at my first job, that finding a new job basically meant starting over for me.

Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. It#8217;s an important one! I think you touched on code essay, the biggest reasons. Job flexibility is sources of uk essay huge. Not just because of the dress code service members schedule, but if there are children. Child care is mostly during those traditional working hours in a world where work could happen at any time. Spouses must secure not only traditional care, but trusted care beyond that. I#8217;ve worked while my husband has deployed or on view msc thesis, a long TDY and I was lucky I had established enough of a relationship with someone who could take my son when I myself had to code essay, work on a weekend. I was lucky when I had to stay at home with him because he was sick that I could make up some working hours another day#8230;a longer day. View Msc Thesis? #8230;but the little flexibility helped a great deal and dress essay, not many employers offer flexibility in tom jones working hours period! Yes, as a nurse that is one of the code reasons I am not working.

Jobs are only offered full-time and typically involve a day/night rotation with 12 hour shifts plus a 45 minute commute. It#8217;s a lot to manage when my husband is apa research gone for dress code work. There really aren#8217;t much childcare options available to me, outside of finding a nanny, which is typically far more expensive than traditional daycare. Essay Editor Uk? For us right now, it#8217;s more trouble than it#8217;s worth. Code Essay? Great post! When I married my husband and moved to NC to mba essay, be with him, I had just completed a degree in business and had a very extensive resume so I figured I#8217;d have no problem finding a job. Code? WRONG. In the first four months, I went through three different jobs. Apa Research? I finally found a good, stable job about five months after I moved here, but it wasn#8217;t even in the career choice I wanted. Essay? My degree has literally been hanging on paper, my wall ever since I got it because I can#8217;t find a job where I can actually use it!

It#8217;s crazy! The moment an employer finds out dress essay I#8217;m a military spouse, their first reaction is tom jones critical essay wondering how long I#8217;ll be around and I never have a straightforward answer for them! Finding a job has definitely been a challenge as a military spouse! Yes, yes, yes! This is code essay so important that you share your perspective. I relate so much to everything you are saying. It#8217;s not easy to essay, find and a job, and despite claims for equal opportunity employment, I do think organizations discriminate against military spouses. Keating, I#8217;m with you.

As a graphic designer, I have absolutely no opportunities within a 50 mile radius of our post (and they said I could go ANYWHERE with my degree. Yea right.). I was able to dress code, transfer with my current employer but it#8217;s a 150 mile round trip, 5 days a week. Apa Research Paper Format? Just the drive to work in the mornings takes me 2 hours. At the moment we do not have kids but when we do decide to start our family, there is no way I#8217;ll be willing to spend THAT much time away from them! I don#8217;t mind taking a job that#8217;s not within my career field or even at my educational level, but when I was applying to places, it took 4 months to hear a reply from ONE company#8230; With both our student loans and other bills, there is no way we#8217;d be able to survive on just my husbands pay yet congress continually cuts funding to our military to code, where there#8217;s a 1% increases (woot, $10 a month!), depressing our BAH, etc. Fun.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Natalie. Essay Editor Uk? All of the comments for this post help showcase what an issue this is within the dress code essay community. Essay Editor Uk? Part of the reason I have opted not to work after kids was because my nursing job was 12 hours shifts with a 1 hour commute each way. So with 14 hour days, it was just a lot especially when my husband was gone about dress essay 50 percent of the time. I think the amount of mba essay conclusion time it takes to find work after a PCS is so concerning considering that spouses will again move perhaps as short as a year and code essay, a half after starting depending on paperless, the tour time frame. Again, really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you again for sharing. Essay? Childcare is view msc thesis a big issue with no solution available to our family at this time.

We live in essay a city where we have no family. It#8217;s important to me that I#8217;m home with our child while he is still very young. However I#8217;d love to work part time, a few evenings or weekends. View Msc Thesis? This would work well while my husband is around. But because he#8217;s military we never know when he is going to be around! Sometimes he is away for a few weeks at a time.

Sometimes he#8217;s on essay, call all hours of the night. Sometimes he#8217;s deployed to sources of uk essay, another content for code essay months. I have been trying to think of a job that would allow me to work evenings and weekends but would let me stay home when my husband is away#8230; such a dilemma. Yes. View Msc Thesis? Childcare is a huge, huge issue for us as well. As a nurse, the dress hours are almost always unconventional. I relate to all the paperless billing research crazy hours you husband works, we are in a similar situation, which is why having two parents on dress code essay, unconventional schedules was a stress or we simply were not willing to work around. Paper? It is such a dilemma, and dress code essay, I think many military spouses end up staying home because they feel like they have to , not necessarily because they want to.

But working and parenting through a deployment in a chronic challenge faced by military spouses. Thank you so much for sharing your perspective Weronika. It#8217;s been great chatting with you lately! Yes! Great post. Our first PCS took me 6 months to get a job, with license transfers no one wanting to hire a spouse that moves frequently! Our last PCS is overseas where I dont speak the native dilect, so off base is a no go. Billing? They aren#8217;t hiring any medical jobs here unless you volunteer for at least a year! What do I do all that and PCS before I get hired? Only jobs available are fast food, which is fine if you#8217;re a teenager, but I wasn#8217;t even making $7.65 when I was 16!

Yes. That is also a common occurrence around here that you need to work for code free for quite sometime before actually getting a job at the local Naval Hospital. My friend who was hired there, volunteered for about 6 months before the hiring process was actually complete and she was expected to work for view msc thesis free. Essay? She did this while paying out of pocket to conclusion, put her kids in before and after school care. I think her volunteer experience was shorter than most, and many like you said are required to dress code essay, volunteer for billing research a year before being able to take a paid position. This is another compelling piece of the argument#8230;that medical jobs which are probably the best bet when it comes to being hired after frequent PCS moves are still challenging to come by as an educated military spouse with work experience. Dress Essay? Thank you so much for sharing ! Michael Fuller says.

My Wife and I did a bit over 21 years in the Army. We both had a great life and essay, earned all we got. Dress Essay? You Ladies have a very tough time having to start over every 3 to 4 years. My hat is mba essay conclusion off to you and if you find yourself near Jackson, MS I will try to dress code essay, help you find work. Thanks so much for your kind words. My husband and I enjoy military life, and despite the ups and downs, the military has been good to us. Thank you so much for paperless research your support.

I will keep your email in my book. Thank you for dress code essay this. And everything you said is tom jones critical true but can I add on that if you choose to stay at home for a PCS for a full year rather than go with your husband you are looked down on too. Because I choose to complete my education because I was only a year away from graduating I didn#8217;t want to see my G.I. Essay? Bill go down the drain. Conclusion? So I opted to stay home and finish it.

It is a major struggle to find work and the Mail order services jobs like Jamberry and Scentsy just don#8217;t cut it. I would love to be able to dress code essay, use my degree and find an amazing job, but it#8217;s just not in paperless the cards. Thankfully I have found someone really awesome to essay, work for in my field but I#8217;m underpaid because I#8217;m unable to commit full time to that job an can#8217;t afford childcare#8230;.. Critical Essay? Great point about staying behind. A while back I read a post on babble about a spouse whose husband was leaving for code a year of training to another state. She opted to stay where she was at, keep her job, and their kids in the same schools. You wouldn#8217;t believe what mean things people said to her.

I agree that if you opt not to go with your husband you are looked down on. I feel like it#8217;s a double-edged swordyou go with your husband and essay editor uk, people wonder why you don#8217;t work or finish school, you stay back for a job or school and people see you as unsupportive. It#8217;s a tough crowd sometimes, and I think we all deserve the benefit of the doubt and a little bit of empathy. These are not easy choices. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Much appreciated. Thank you Lauren for writing this. My biggest issue is that I have to have a professional license to practice. Dress Essay? Our licenses are granted by research the state, so I have to reapply, get supervision, and possibly attend more classes before I can get my license and work again in my new state.

Depending on the state you are coming from and dress code, the state you are going to, you can be grandfathered in, but often times it can take months if not a year to get licensed in a new state. My family has moved every 1-2 years lately, and it#8217;s just become impossible to work in my profession. Many of my friends are in the same boat as me. We have advanced degrees, but can#8217;t use them. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, therapists, the list goes on and on.

I#8217;m a proud military spouse and wouldn#8217;t change my decision for view msc thesis anything, it#8217;s just frustrating sometimes when we are trained to do something, but can#8217;t due to the constant moving. Code? Yes. Sources Constitution? Yes. I wouldn#8217;t change our military life for the world, but there are a unique set of barriers when it comes to both obtaining and maintaining employment that matches our educational backgrounds. We all seem to pull it together and make it work somehow. Dress? Some through alternative careers.

Some through creating an at home business out of nothing. I applaud that. It#8217;s really inspiring to see military spouses continually reinvent themselves time and time again. Being a nurse, the hours are typically unconventional. Our family found that deployment schedules combined with an unconventional work schedule and young children is more than we are willing to take on right now. Essay Editor Uk? It simply put too much of a strain on our family relationships for code essay me to tom jones, work a nursing position right now. Code? It will be interesting to see what the future holds#8230; Trang Figueroa says.

This post is on point. I am a cosmetologist and mostly paid by commission. It#8217;s almost impossible to build a client with moving every 2 years and I would waste more money for daycare and after school care for of uk constitution essay our children. I would save more money by staying home and take care of the kids, we have 2, than work underpaid and dress essay, bringing in no income. Thank you so much for sharing your story! And thank you for leaving an encouraging comment! I also think a huge part of the problem is the lack of information about viable work at conclusion home and remote jobs. Essay? Too many spouses think that #8220;work at home#8221; automatically means sales or entry level positions when in reality there are a huge number of companies that hire at home workers for professional positions. I have been a freelancer for the last 8 years, since before I married my soldier, and essay editor uk, I have never had a gap in work. The only time I have had off is when I have taken it off. We have PCS#8217;d 4 times in 5 years and my husband is on his 3rd deployment and I have been able to dress code, work through it all thanks to paperless billing, the flexibility of freelancing.

Web design, graphic design, programming, coding, and other professional level jobs all can be done from home. Advanced degrees can be applied to code essay, careers like virtual nursing, tutoring, and apa research paper, other work. There is a lot more in essay the work at home world than just selling one of the many product lines like Scentsy or Mary Kay that spouses don#8217;t know about and of uk essay, have a hard time finding information about. I would agree with you 100% that more education and resources are needed to help spouses learn creative ways to find work, as well as creative ways to complete an code essay education. I am actually collaborating with a few other bloggers to create a eBook resources for military spouses on this very issue. More to come in the near future.

Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment. When I left my management job in corporate America to be with my spouse at Ft. Hood, I had no idea what I would find. Not only were there no corporations that needed me around here. I looked around for anything, and found that some employers placed in essay editor uk the job requirements that you MUST be available for IMMEDIATE relocation. That is codespeak for Military Spouses don#8217;t apply. Dress? I joined a few professional and civic organizations only to learn that the Good Ole#8217; boys network is of uk constitution alive and well and if my daddy didn#8217;t go to school with his daddy I wasn#8217;t going to get a job.

I used my CAA to get an dress essay RN degree and research, got hired at the local VA and never looked back! As an Army spouse of 17 years, I can attest that ACS has come a long way when it comes to code essay, providing resources to spouses. Apa Research Paper? They have so many underused services when it comes to dress code essay, employment. With the OCONUS problem, the jobs go to apa research paper, local nationals because it is essay stated in the SOFA agreement, with the host nation, that a specific percentage of jobs will go to locals. Mba Essay? Germany is essay 70%. Your information makes it sound as if AAFES and other organizations don#8217;t want to view msc thesis, employ spouses, when that is not the case. I think you are spot on, otherwise. Being at code my second OCONUS duty station, I can say it is billing discouraging when you have a lot of education under your belt, and cannot find anything at all. Man Lauren you really hit the nail on code, the head with these lies and truths! As a new military spouse I have pondered this topic all too often. Being in the insurance industry I really want to use my skills and education to help others while also contributing to our financial goals.

Then there#8217;s my husband#8217;s schedule. View Msc Thesis? Nothing feels normal. It#8217;s always a challenge to balance our schedules. Funny thing is we. do not even have kids yet! The struggle is real. Thank you for putting this article out there to spread the dress code essay awareness. Paperless Research? Your recommendations to provide a solution are great. I personally am taking the leap into self employment selling life insurance online and over the phone. Essay? As I am licensed in all states it is mba essay conclusion something I can take with me after a PCS. It#8217;d be great to empower and teach military spouses who have a skill or passion to set themselves up for self employment.

Not all careers work best for essay this but I wish the military had some sort of billing research program and/or assistance for this. This is dress essay a great article, thanks Lauren! It also depends on the location you get posted to that determines if you can get work. My husband is in the Australian army, and we#8217;ve just finished a posting in a remote area. We had no family support around so it did make finding a job quite challenging. I do find it hard to establish myself in apa research paper our new location job wise, only to then move on code essay, within 2 years anyway. Yes. You are a perfect example. Tom Jones? Thank you so much for sharing ! Apipicrateon for this information is over 9000-thank you! This is completely true! I moved and married with my husband ALOT, and dress essay, when your 20-25, you should be going to paperless billing, school, I had to code, transfer so many times. my husband got stationed a s a recruiter and I took as many classes as I could, I had a baby a year and a half ago not, and last month graduated.

I took 43 credits, or 13 classes this year with my little one. my GPA dropped from essay editor uk, a 3.84 to a 3.47 because my husband would not help when he was home, and I missed midterms, since I do not work, taking a very heavy college load and I cant afford day care, and there is NO family here, nor friends, since we ;live 2 hours from dress essay, a base. Mba Essay Conclusion? We also had only one car and dress, with his unpredictable hours I could not work. When we got married originally I left my vehicle behind,. when I came home it never worked again from sitting, so one vehicle it was.. Essay Editor Uk? I am moving home to my family now to code, get a stable job, nothing is tom jones critical essay worse than depending on someone else, military spouse roles are terrible, they suck the life out of code you, you have to depend on someone, your school job, life has to paperless, be given up to move if its called for, your support network and family cannot be there to help when needed, and god forbid your service member become an abuser after an especially long deployment. Dress? I would not do this again. I turned 26 not even a month ago and I simply can#8217;t do this. I have a terrible spouse though, I gave everything up for constitution him and he instead has run me into debt, given me terrible self esteem, robbed me of precious years with my family and is a compulsive cheater, but before that last deployment he was wonderful, sweet, kind, helpful, loving, he had manners, ect, then when he came home he just was a terrible, terrible person. Good Luck Ladies. Put yourself as a priority, because frankly, no one else every really will.. Sure, it can be great, and your spouse must treat you with respect, and loyalty, but you never know what they will be like 5 years down the road, deployment later. Just never put yourself to the side completely because everything is able to change on code, a whim and you need to protect yourself.

Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon view msc thesis your weblog and wished to mention that I#8217;ve truly enjoyed surfing. around your blog posts. Dress? In any case I#8217;ll be subscribing to your feed and. I hope you write again very soon! As a stay at home mom who homeschools I#8217;m saddened you didn#8217;t mention those who choose to stay home because it#8217;s whats best for conclusion their children. My husband and I both decided I#8217;d stay home once we had kids. It#8217;s hard to live on one income and essay, being a stay at home IS a full time job. Paper? Not having a paying job doesn#8217;t mean you are lazy. Missy Jones says. Hello, I was hoping someone can help.

I have emailed and dress code essay, tried to essay editor uk, talk to the unemployment office and code, they are not answering my question. They keep directing me to file a claim and I#8217;m not ready to. Billing? My husband#8217;s report date is July 10th. Code Essay? We live in view msc thesis wisconsin. I don#8217;t want to quit my job too early and not be eligible but I cannot seem to find the information on what timeframe.

I read certain states won#8217;t approve it if you quit prior to 15 days before the report date. Any help is appreciated. #x000A9; 2017 Military Wife And Mom - Branding Modified Pretty Chic Theme Design By Neon Pineapple Design.

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dream essays dismiss for 28 days 1 year info. [NOTE: This was the last work that Paine ever gave to the press. It appeared in New York in 1807 with the following title: An Examination of the Passages in the New Testament, quoted from the Old and called Prophecies concerning Jesus Christ. To which is prefixed an Essay on Dream, showing by what operation of the mind a Dream is produced in sleep, and applying the same to the account of Dreams in the New Testament. With an Appendix containing my private thoughts of code, a Future State. And Remarks on the Contradictory Doctrine in the Books of Matthew and Mark. Essay Editor Uk? By Thomas Paine, New York: Printed for the Author. Dress Essay? pp. Essay Editor Uk? 68. This work is made up from the unpublished Part III, of the Age of Reason, and the answer to the Bishop of Landaff.

In the Introductory chapter, on dress, Dream, he would seem to have partly utilized an earlier essay, and this is the only part of the work previously printed. Nearly all of it was printed in Paris, in English, soon after Paine's departure for America. This little pamphlet, of which the only copy I have seen or heard of is in the Bodleian Library, has never been mentioned by any of Paine's editors, and mba essay conclusion perhaps he himself was not aware of its having been printed. Essay? Its title is: Extract from the essay editor uk M.S. Third Part of Thomas Paine's Age of Reason. Chapter the Second: Article, Dream. Paris: Printed for M. Chateau, 1803. Dress Essay? It is possible that it was printed for private circulation.

I have compared this Paris pamphlet closely with an original copy of Paine's own edition, (New York, 1807) with results indicated in footnotes to mba essay conclusion, the Essay, Dr. Clair J. Grece, of Redhill, has shown me a copy of the Examination which Paine presented to his (Dr. Grece's) uncle, Daniel Constable, in New York, July 21, 1807, with the prediction, It is too much for the priests, and they will not touch it. It is dress, rudely stitched in brown paper cover, and essay editor uk without the Preface and the Essay on Dream. Dress Essay? It would appear from a note, which I quote at the beginning of the Examination, by an early American editor that Paine detached that part as the only fragment he wished to be circulated. This pamphlet, with some omissions, was published in London, 1811, as Part III. of the Age of Reason, by Daniel Isaacs Eaton, for which he was sentenced to paperless research, eighteen months imprisonment, and to stand in the pillory for dress essay, one hour in sources each month. This punishment drew from Shelley his celebrated letter to Lord Ellenborough, who had given a scandalously prejudiced charge to the jury. -- Editor.] IT is the dress essay duty of every man, as far as his ability extends, to detect and mba essay expose delusion and error. But nature has not given to code, everyone a talent for the purpose; and among those to whom such a talent is given, there is often a want of disposition or of courage to do it.

The world, or more properly speaking, that small part of it called christendom, or the christian world, has been amused for more than a thousand years with accounts of Prophecies in the Old- Testament about the coming of the person called Jesus Christ, and thousands of essay, sermons have been preached, and volumes written, to dress, make man believe it. In the following treatise I have examined all the passages in the New-Testament, quoted from the Old, and called prophecies concerning Jesus Christ, and I find no such thing as a prophecy of any such person, and I deny there are any. The passages all relate to circumstances the Jewish nation was in at the time they were written or spoken, and sources essay not to anything that was or was not to happen in the world several hundred years afterwards; and I have shown what the circumstances were to which the passages apply or refer. Essay? I have given chapter and verse for every thing I have said, and have not gone out of the books of the Old and New Testament for evidence that the passages are not prophecies of the paper format person called Jesus Christ. The prejudice of essay, unfounded belief, often degenerates into the prejudice of custom, and becomes at last rank hypocrisy. When men, from custom or fashion or any worldly motive, profess or pretend to believe what they do not believe, nor can give any reason for believing, they unship the helm of their morality, and being no longer honest to their own minds they feel no moral difficulty in being unjust to others.

It is from the influence of this vice, hypocrisy, that we see so many church-and-meeting-going professors and pretenders to religion so full of trick and deceit in their dealings, and so loose in the performance of their engagements that they are not to be trusted further than the laws of the country will bind them. Morality has no hold on their minds, no restraint on their actions. One set of preachers make salvation to consist in believing. They tell their congregations that if they believe in Christ their sins shall be forgiven. This, in the first place, is an encouragement to sin, in mba essay a similar manner as when a prodigal young fellow is told his father will pay all his debts, he runs into debt the faster, and becomes the more extravagant. Daddy, says he, pays all, and on he goes: just so in the other case, Christ pays all, and on code, goes the sinner. In the next place, the doctrine these men preach is not true.

The New Testament rests itself for critical, credibility and testimony on essay, what are called prophecies in the Old-Testament of the person called Jesus Christ; and if there are no such things as prophecies of any such person in the Old-Testament, the New-Testament is a forgery of the Councils of Nice and Laodicea, and the faith founded thereon delusion and falsehood. [NOTE by PAINE: The councils of Nice and Laodicea were held about 350 years after the time Christ is said to have lived; and the books that now compose the New Testament, were then voted for by YEAS and NAYS, as we now vote a law. A great many that were offered had a majority of nays, and were rejected. This is the way the New-Testament came into being. -- Author.] Another set of view msc thesis, preachers tell their congregations that God predestinated and dress code essay selected, from all eternity, a certain number to be saved, and a certain number to be damned eternally. If this were true, the 'day of Judgment' IS PAST: their preaching is in vain, and they had better work at some useful calling for their livelihood. This doctrine, also, like the former, hath a direct tendency to demoralize mankind. Can a bad man be reformed by telling him, that if he is one of those who was decreed to be damned before he was born his reformation will do him no good; and if he was decreed to be saved, he will be saved whether he believes it or not? For this is the result of the doctrine. Such preaching and paperless research such preachers do injury to the moral world. Essay? They had better be at the plough.

As in my political works my motive and object have been to give man an elevated sense of his own character, and free him from the slavish and superstitious absurdity of monarchy and hereditary government, so in my publications on religious subjects my endeavors have been directed to bring man to a right use of the reason that God has given him, to impress on him the great principles of divine morality, justice, mercy, and tom jones critical essay a benevolent disposition to all men, and to all creatures, and to inspire in him a spirit of code, trust, confidence, and consolation in his creator, unshackled by the fables of books pretending to be 'the word of God.' In order to understand the nature of Dream, or of that which passes in mba essay conclusion ideal vision during a state of sleep, it is first necessary to understand the composition and decomposition of the human mind. The three great faculties of the mind are IMAGINATION, JUDGMENT, and dress code MEMORY. Every action of the mind comes under one or the other of apa research paper format, these faculties. [NOTE: This sentence is not in Paris edition. -- Editor.] In a state of dress essay, wakefulness, as in the day-time, these three faculties are all active; but that is seldom the case in sources constitution sleep, and dress never perfectly: and this is the cause that our dreams are not so regular and rational as our waking thoughts. The seat of that collection of powers or faculties that constitute what is essay editor uk, called the mind, is in the brain. There is not, and cannot be, any visible demonstration of this anatomically, but accidents happening to living persons shew it to be so. An injury done to the brain by a fracture of the skull, will sometimes change a wise man into a childish idiot, -- a being without a mind. But so careful has nature been of that Sanctum Sanctorum of man, the brain, that of all the code essay external accidents to which humanity is subject, this occurs the paper format most seldom. But we often see it happening by long and habitual intemperance. Whether those three faculties occupy distinct apartments of the brain, is known only to that ALMIGHTY POWER that formed and organized it. We can see the external effects of muscular motion in all the members of the body, though its premium mobile, or first moving cause, is unknown to man.

Our external motions are sometimes the code essay effect of essay, intention, sometimes not. Dress Code Essay? If we are sitting and intend to rise, or standing and intend to mba essay, sit or to walk, the limbs obey that intention as if they heard the order given. But we make a thousand motions every day, and that as well waking as sleeping, that have no prior intention to direct them. Each member acts as if it had a will or mind of its own. Man governs the dress essay whole when he pleases to govern, but in the interim the several parts, like little suburbs, govern themselves without consulting the sovereign.

And all these motions, whatever be the generating cause, are external and visible. But with respect to the brain, no ocular observation can be made upon it. All is essay editor uk, mystery; all is dress essay, darkness in that womb of thought. Whether the brain is a mass of essay editor uk, matter in continual rest whether it has a vibrating pulsative motion, or a heaving and falling motion like matter in fermentation; whether different parts of the brain have different motions according to the faculty that is employed, be it the imagination, the judgment, or the memory, man knows nothing of. He knows not the cause of his own wit. His own brain conceals it from him. Comparing invisible by visible things, as metaphysical can sometimes be compared to physical things, the operations of dress code essay, these distinct and several faculties have some resemblance to a watch. The main spring which puts all in motion corresponds to the imagination; the pendulum which corrects and regulates that motion, corresponds to the judgment; and the hand and dial, like the memory, record the operation. Now in proportion as these several faculties sleep, slumber, or keep awake, during the continuance of a dream, in that proportion the dream will be reasonable or frantic, remembered or forgotten.

If there is any faculty in mental man that never sleeps, it is that volatile thing the imagination. Mba Essay Conclusion? The case is different with the judgment and memory. Code? The sedate and sober constitution of the judgment easily disposes it to rest; and as to the memory, it records in silence and conclusion is active only when it is called upon. That the judgment soon goes to sleep may be perceived by our sometimes beginning to dream before we are fully asleep ourselves. Some random thought runs in the mind, and we start, as it were, into recollection that we are dreaming between sleeping and waking. [If a pendulum of a watch by dress code, any accident becomes displaced, that it can no longer control and regulate the elastic force of the spring, the works are instantly thrown into confusion, and continue so as long as the spring continues to have force. In like manner] [NOTE: The words within crotchers are only in the Paris edition. In the New York edition (1807) the essay editor uk next word If begins a new paragraph. Dress Code? -- Editor.] if the mba essay judgment sleeps whilst the imagination keeps awake, the dream will be a riotous assemblage of misshapen images and ranting ideas, and essay the more active the imagination is the wilder the dream will be. The most inconsistent and the most impossible things will appear right; because that faculty whose province it is to keep order is in a state of absence. The master of the paperless school is gone out and the boys are in an uproar. If the memory sleeps, we shall have no other knowledge of the dream than that we have dreamt, without knowing what it was about. In this case it is sensation rather than recollection that acts.

The dream has given us some sense of pain or trouble, and essay we feel it as a hurt, rather than remember it as vision. If the memory slumbers we shall have a faint remembrance of the dream, and after a few minutes it will some-times happen that the principal passages of the dream will occur to us more fully. The cause of critical essay, this is that the memory will sometimes continue slumbering or sleeping after we are awake ourselves, and that so fully, that it may and sometimes does happen, that we do not immediately recollect where we are, nor what we have been about, or have to do. But when the memory starts into wakefulness it brings the knowledge of these things back upon code essay us like a flood of light, and sometimes the essay editor uk dream with it. But the most curious circumstance of the mind in a state of dream, is the power it has to become the agent of code essay, every person, character and thing of which it dreams.

It carries on conversation with several, asks questions, hears answers, gives and receives information, and it acts all these parts itself. Yet however various and eccentric the imagination may be in the creating of images and ideas, it cannot supply the place of memory with respect to things that are forgotten when we are awake. For example, if we have forgotten the name of a person, and dream of seeing him and asking him his name, he cannot tell it; for it is ourselves asking ourselves the question. But though the imagination cannot supply the place of real memory, it has the wild faculty of counterfeiting memory. It dreams of persons it never knew, and talks to tom jones, them as if it remembered them as old acquaintance. It relates circumstances that never happened, and dress code essay tells them as if they had happened. It goes to places that never existed, and knows where all the streets and houses are, as if we had been there before.

The scenes it creates are often as scenes remembered. It will sometimes act a dream within a dream, and, in the delusion of dreaming, tell a dream it never dreamed, and mba essay conclusion tell it as if it was from memory. It may also be remarked, that the essay imagination in conclusion a dream has no idea of time, as tune. It counts only by circumstances; and if a succession of circumstances pass in dress essay a dream that would require a great length of time to essay editor uk, accomplish them, it will appear to the dreamer that a length of time equal thereto has passed also. As this is the code essay state of the essay mind in a dream, it may rationally be said that every person is mad once in twenty-four hours, for essay, were he to act in the day as he dreams in critical the night, he would be confined for a lunatic. In a state of wakefulness, those three faculties being all active, and acting in unison, constitute the rational man. In dream it is otherwise, and, therefore, that state which is called insanity appears to be no other than a dismission of those faculties, and a cessation of the judgment during wakefulness, that we so often experience during sleep; and idiocity, into which some persons have fallen, is that cessation of all the dress essay faculties of which we can be sensible when we happen to wake before our memory.

In this view of the mind, how absurd it is to place reliance upon dreams, and how much more absurd to make them a foundation for religion; yet the belief that Jesus Christ is the tom jones Son of God, begotten by the Holy Ghost, a being never heard of before, stands on dress essay, the foolish story of an old man's dream. And behold the view msc thesis angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not thou to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in dress essay her is of the Holy Ghost. -- Matt. 1. Paperless? 20. After this we have the childish stories of three or four other dreams: about Joseph going into Egypt; about code essay his coming back again; about this, and about that, and this story of dreams has thrown Europe into mba essay a dream for more than a thousand years. Dress Essay? All the efforts that nature, reason, and conscience have made to awaken man from it, have been ascribed by critical, priestcraft and superstition to the working of the devil, and had it not been for the American Revolution, which, by establishing the dress code universal right of conscience, [NOTE: The words right of are not in the Paris edition. -- Editor.] first opened the way to free discussion, and for the French Revolution that followed, this Religion of paperless billing research, Dreams had continued to be preached, and that after it had ceased to dress code, be believed. Those who preached it and did not believe it, still believed the delusion necessary.

They were not bold enough to view msc thesis, be honest, nor honest enough to be bold. [NOTE: The remainder of this essay, down to the last two paragraphs, though contained in the Paris pamphlet, was struck out of the essay by Paine when he published it in America; it was restored by an American editor who got hold of the original manuscript, with the exception of two sentences which he supposed caused the author to reserve the nine paragraphs containing them. It is probable, however, that this part was omitted as an interruption of the essay on Dream. The present Editor therefore concludes to insert the passage, without any omission, in code essay this footnote:] Every new religion, like a new play, requires a new apparatus of dresses and machinery, to tom jones essay, fit the new characters it creates. Code? The story of Christ in the New Testament brings a new being upon the stage, which it calls the Holy Ghost; and the story of Abraham, the father of the critical essay Jews, in code essay the Old Testament, gives existence to a new order of beings it calls Angels. There was no Holy Ghost before the time of Christ, nor Angels before the mba essay time of Abraham. We hear nothing of these winged gentlemen, till more than two thousand years, according to the Bible chronology, from the code time they say the heavens, the earth, and all therein were made. After this, they hop about as thick as birds in a grove. The first we hear of, pays his addresses to Hagar in the wilderness; then three of them visit Sarah; another wrestles a fall with Jacob; and these birds of essay, passage having found their way to earth and code essay back, are continually coming and going.

They eat and drink, and of uk up again to heaven. What they do with the dress food they carry away in their bellies, the Bible does not tell us. Perhaps they do as the birds do, discharge it as they fly; for neither the scripture nor the church hath told us there are necessary houses for them in heaven. One would think that a system loaded with such gross and apa research vulgar absurdities as scripture religion is could never have obtained credit; yet we have seen what priestcraft and dress code essay fanaticism could do, and credulity believe. From Angels in the Old Testament we get to prophets, to witches, to sources of uk, seers of visions, and dreamers of dreams; and sometimes we are told, as in 1 Sam. ix. Essay? 15, that God whispers in the ear. At other times we are not told how the impulse was given, or whether sleeping or waking. In 2 Sam. xxiv. 1, it is said, And again the anger of the lord was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go number Israel and Judah. And in 1 Chron. xxi. I, when the same story is again related, it is said, And Satan stood up against Israel, and moved David to number Israel.

Whether this was done sleeping or waking, we are not told, but it seems that David, whom they call a man after God's own heart, did not know by what spirit he was moved; and as to essay, the men called inspired penmen, they agree so well about the matter, that in one book they say that it was God, and in the other that it was the code Devil. Yet this is trash that the church imposes upon the world as the WORD OF GOD; this is the collection of lies and billing contradictions called the HOLY BIBLE! this is the rubbish called REVEALED RELIGION! The idea that writers of the essay Old Testament had of apa research paper format, a God was boisterous, contemptible, and vulgar. They make him the dress code essay Mars of the Jews, the fighting God of mba essay, Israel, the conjuring God of their Priests and Prophets. They tell us as many fables of him as the Greeks told of Hercules. They pit him against Pharaoh, as it were to box with him, and Moses carries the challenge. Code Essay? They make their God to say insultingly, I will get me honor upon apa research paper format Pharaoh and upon all his Host, upon his chariots and upon his Horsemen. And that he may keep his word, they make him set a trap in the Red Sea, in the dead of the night, for Pharaoh, his host, and his horses, and drown them as a rat-catcher would do so many rats.

Great honor indeed! the story of Jack the giant-killer is better told! They match him against essay the Egyptian magicians to billing, conjure with them, and after hard conjuring on both sides (for where there is no great contest there is no great honor) they bring him off victorious. The first three essays are a dead match: each party turns his rod into a serpent, the rivers into blood, and creates frogs: but upon the fourth, the God of the Israelites obtains the essay laurel, he covers them all over mba essay conclusion with lice! The Egyptian magicians cannot do the same, and this lousy triumph proclaims the victory! They make their God to rain fire and dress essay brimstone upon conclusion Sodom and Gomorrah and belch fire and smoke upon dress mount Sinai, as if he was the Pluto of the lower regions. Critical? They make him salt up Lot's wife like pickled pork; they make him pass like Shakespeare's Queen Mab into the brain of their priests, prophets, and dress code prophetesses, and tickle them into dreams, [NOTE: Tickling a parson's nose as 'a lies asleep, Then dreams he of another benefice. (Rom. and Jul.) -- Editor.] and after making him play all kinds of tricks they confound him with Satan, and leave us at a loss to know what God they meant!

This is the descriptive God of the Old Testament; and essay editor uk as to the New, though the authors of it have varied the scene, they have continued the vulgarity. Is man ever to code, be the dupe of priestcraft, the slave of superstition? Is he never to have just ideas of his Creator? It is better not to believe there is a God, than to believe of him falsely. When we behold the mba essay mighty universe that surrounds us, and dart our contemplation into the eternity of dress, space, filled with innumerable orbs revolving in eternal harmony, how paltry must the tales of the critical essay Old and New Testaments, profanely called the essay word of God, appear to thoughtful man! The stupendous wisdom and unerring order that reign and govern throughout this wondrous whole, and call us to reflection, 'put to shame the conclusion Bible!' The God of eternity and of all that is real, is not the God of passing dreams and shadows of man's imagination. The God of truth is not the God of fable; the belief of a God begotten and a God crucified, is a God blasphemed. Code? It is making a profane use of reason. -- Author.] I shall conclude this Essay on Dream with the first two verses of Ecclesiastics xxxiv. Of Uk Essay? one of the books of the Apocrypha. The hopes of a man void of understanding are vain and false; and dress dreams lift up fools.

Whoso regardeth dreams is like him that catcheth at billing research a shadow, and followeth after the wind. I now proceed to an examination of the passages in the Bible, called prophecies of the coming of Christ, and to show there are no prophecies of any such person; that the passages clandestinely styled prophecies are not prophecies; and that they refer to code essay, circumstances the essay Jewish nation was in at the time they were written or spoken, and not to any distance of future time or person.